Call For Paper

The second International Saudi Health Informatics Conference is a scientific gathering for researchers, practitioners, educators, and students, to present scientific work, and discuss the future and current scientific and technical advancements, innovations, and projects in the area of Health Informatics and healthcare.
Below are the main themes available but submission is not limited to these topics:

Track 1. Medical and Clinical Informatics

Electronic Health Record, Hospital/Health Information System, Imaging Informatics (PACS, Radiology Information Systems), Dental Informatics, Decision Support Systems, and Nursing Informatics.

Track 2. Public Health Informatics

GIS, Registries, Surveillance system, Emergency/Disaster Informatics, Public health informatics, and population informatics.

Track 3. Telehealth/Telemedicine

Telemedicine, Telesurgeries, Telehealth applications, mobile health, wearable devices, Teleradiology, Tele-ICU, and Telepathology.

Track 4. Consumer Health Informatics

Patient-centered design, Social media, Mobile Health, Consumer health, and Patients’ portals.

Track 5. Security and Privacy

Privacy management, Security, Ethical and legal Issues, Confidently, Access control, and Data ownership.

Track 6. Computer in Medical Education

Virtual reality, Learning management system, Simulation, mobile learning, Robotics, and Augmented reality.

Track 7. Ontologies and Knowledge management

Clinical guidelines, Standards, Terminologies

Track 8. Internet of Things, Big Data & Cloud Computing

Big data as a service, Data Management, Complex biological science, Modelling Home-health, Ubiquitous health, Access control, cloud application, mobile cloud

Track 9. Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Business Intelligence in Health

Entrepreneurial strategies, Business intelligence in health, Innovation in Healthcare, Intercultural communication

Track 10. Quality & Patient Safety and Healthcare

Impact of Health Informatics on patient safety, Benefits realizations studies, Quality improvement, Risk management, Return on investment, and Standard & accreditation.

Track 11. Chronic Disease Management and Health Informatics

Cardiovascular, Diabetes, Hypertension,Stroke, cancer, Type 2 diabetes,Arthritis, Chronic disease management, Home monitors and support, and Self management.

Track 12. Bioinformatics

Genomic & Proteomics, Sequence Analysis, Visualization, Simulation, Personalized medicine.

Track 13: Evidence Based Medicine and Health Informatics

Evidence based public health, Meta-analysis, Systematic review, Policy making and management , and Evidence based medicine.

Track 14: Leadership & Health Administration and Health informatics

Technology Adoption, Success Model, Technology Acceptance, Leadership, Change management, Strategic management, Technology management.

There are 4 scientific programs offered in this conference: Oral Presentation and Poster Presentation, Workshop, Project Forum.

Call for Oral and Poster Abstracts

Abstract Submission Guidelines:

Only the submission of an abstract is required for peer review. All accepted abstracts will be published in the ISHIC conference proceeding. This proceeding will be indexed by google scholar.

Abstract Reviewing process :

A double blind review process will be employed in reviewing abstract. Reviewers will provide feedback and recommendation. Program committee will decide the final acceptance of the submission. All decision for acceptance is final.

Abstract Submission Format:

All participants must submit the abstract in the following format:

Abstract must not be more than 500 words, PDF only, Times New Roman 12 pt, 1.5-spaced and should consist of the following sections:

1- Title of the abstract: ALL CAPITALS
2- Authors' Names (e.g., Ahmed Ali, Faisal Abdullah), presenting author always first
3- Organization(s): e.g., King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

4- Body of Abstract must include:

  •    - Introduction
  •    - Methodology
  •    - Result
  •    - Discussion

Preparing Presentgation:

Upon the decision of acceptance, presenters will prepare the presentation as follows

Oral Presentations:
PC and PC-based multimedia projector will be provided for your Power Point presentation.

Please bring your presentations on memory sticks and upload all your presentations in advance, on the day of your presentations:
Speakers of morning sessions: during morning registration.
Speakers of afternoon sessions: during lunch break.

Presentation will be 15 minutes each including Q&A session

Poster Presentation:
Maximum poster size: A0 (841 x 1189 mm or 33.1 x 46.8 inches)

Deadline :
Abstract Submission: December 17th 2016
Extended Abstract Submission: February 12th 2017 by 11:59 p.m
Full paper submission Due date 15th March 2017

Abstract Template Submit Abstract

Call for Workshops

We invite proposals for pre conference workshops to be held together with the ISHIC 2017 Conference. Workshops will take place on the same venue as the main conference. We welcome proposals on emerging topics that are not able to be fully explored in the main conference. Individuals can run hand-on workshop for either a 3 hour half day or 6 hour full day slot. The workshops should allow for discussion, interaction, hands on activities, presentation and debate on specific topic. The purpose of the workshop is to provide a comprehensive forum and encourage in-depth discussion of various technical and application issues in health informatics research field.

Workshop Proposal Submission Format:

Facilitator(s) of workshop should submit a proposal with the following format:
  1.    1- Title of the Workshop
  2.    2- The theme, goals, and topics of the workshop
  3.    3- Relevance and significance of this workshop to the main conference
  4.    4-Target audience
  5.    5- Facilitator Biodata (100 words or less) plus picture
  6.    6- Synopsis of Workshop (300 words or less)
  7.    7- Duration of Workshop: 3 hours or 6 hours
  8.    8- Learning Outcomes
  9.    9- Program Outline (workshop format)
  10.    10- Brief CV and prior experiences in conducting workshop

Workshop Registration:

Participants interested in attending workshops, should reserve their place through our registration system and pay for their chosen workshops ASAP, as we have limited number of seats.

Workshop Important Dates:

Workshop Proposal Submission Deadline: January 15th 2017
Notification of Acceptance: March 1st 2017
Camera Ready date for workshop proposal: March 15th 2017
Submit workshop proposal to, with email subject "ISHIC 2017 Workshop Submission"

Workshop Template

Submit workshop to

Call for Project forum

Project Forum offers a unique platform for undergraduate/graduate students, and professionals to present their original research in the field of health informatics. The goal of project forum is to encourage participation and networking at ISHIC 2017. In particular, it will provide an opportunity to:

1. Participate in a scientific event
2. Meet Health Informatics community in Saudi Arabia and in the Middle East
3. Share ideas and work in progress
4. Improve interpersonal skills
5. Network with professionals in Health Informatics and related fields
6. Support the transfer of knowledge and idea in the area of health informatics
7. Cultivate the spirit of creativity

Who is eligible?

Project forum is open to all undergraduate/ graduate students as well as any working professionals who are involved in any health system/health informatics project.

What is a Project ?

Any work in progress, whether an ongoing research work, system development or innovation project, can be presented at the Student Project Forum.


You can gain many tangible and intangible rewards from participating in this forum:
1. Award: Best student project award and a certificate of recognition.
2. Visibility: Opportunities to meet with researchers in their field of interest and make important connections.
3. Experiences: Opportunities to sharpen communication, visual, organizational and presentation skills.
4. Opportunity to learn about research areas of their peers to increase their capacity as multidisciplinary researchers.

How does the Project forum work?

The organizing committee will review each project and decide the eligibility of the project to be presented at the conference.
Upon acceptance, the participants will prepare a PowerPoint presentation and present their work for 15 minutes including Q&A in front of a panel of healthcare experts.
The forum will allow students to present and discuss their novel research ideas that are yet to be published.
Students will also be assigned mentors so the project can be improved further.

Best student project will also be eligible for best student project award and a certificate of recognition.

Best student project will also be eligible for best student project award and a certificate of recognition.

Project Forum Express of Interest (EOI) :

Please submit an EOI with the following format:

1. Names and Affiliation:
2. Title of Project:
3. Project type (research, system, or innovation):
4. Target group:
5. Percentage complete:
6. Is this project part of a course or degree requirements? Please indicate:
7. Project outcomes (publication, software, patent, etc.):
8. Abstract (100 words or less)

Deadline :

Express of Interest: February 12th 2017
Announcement of Acceptance: February 26th 2017

Submit Project

Submit EOI